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Supporting you to accomplish your critical objectives in an atmosphere of emerging risks.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a systematic, steady, and continuous risk management process applied across the whole organisation that allows companies to better interpret and address material risks. Corporate Boards, Ratings Agencies, and Regulatory Bodies constitute the key drivers for advancing ERM. The implementation of ERM can facilitate better capital resource allocation decisions, increase operational efficiency, and enhance a company’s risk control efforts to support critical strategic, compliance, and governance initiatives. Aaroh Smart Business Solutions (Aaroh) can help your organisation apply an integrated approach to determine and assess business-critical risks, evaluating existing risk management infrastructure elements, and constructing continuous, in-depth ERM processes, including development of ERM Framework.

Business Continuity Management

Aaroh Smart Business Solutions (Aaroh) aids organisations in their business continuity planning as well as building a robust Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), evaluating their Disaster Recovery systems (DR), and their maturity assessment.

We aim to serve clients to reduce the effects of an incident, re-establish operations, and deliver key business services post disruptive event. Our services comprise of:

  • Risk Analysis (RA), Business Impact Analysis (BIA), and Requirements Analysis (RqA);

  • Framing strategy, governance, and policy;

  • Designing, building, implementing and testing business continuity procedures including workspace recovery design and sourcing, software selection, plan development, and lifecycle management.

Crisis Management

When an organisation faces an unforeseen crisis, billions of dollars in market value can hang in the balance. Aaroh Smart Business Solutions (Aaroh) aids its clients to prepare for a variety of situations that have the potential to threaten enterprise value, reputation or business continuity. Each engagement begins with a disciplined discovery process to identify preparedness gaps and apply best practices and the real-world insights of Aaroh practitioners. This enables prioritisation of specific client preparedness needs.

Information Security

When you lack the internal resources to meet the demands of enterprise security management, a partner in information security consulting can fill the gaps.

Information security has become an incredibly complex effort. The threat landscape is growing and evolving quickly and new technologies for defence and controls emerge almost daily. It’s no longer enough to protect the network – effective IT security must involve security for IT infrastructure, data, endpoints, and Web application security as well. Building a successful security program requires extremely talented professionals who can develop a cyber security strategy and sort through all the options to choose the right mix of services, technology and solutions to build an effective program. The right information security consulting partner can help you better protect your organisation by providing expertise and experience that you may lack internally. When seeking an information security consulting company with the broadest experience and deepest expertise, more leading organisations today turn to Aaroh Smart Business Solutions (Aaroh).

IT Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

Adopting a consolidated IT governance, risk management and compliance (IT GRC) approach, and executing the correlated activities in an intelligible manner will create competence, provide an integrated view of the IT environment and ensure answerability.

Aaroh’s IT GRC Capabilities in providing Consulting Services on:

  • IT Governance

  • IT Audit Training

  • Data Warehousing, Mining and Assurance

  • IT Policy & Procedure Manual

  • IT Controls assessment & measurement

  • ERP Control & assurance

  • IT Risk Assessment

  • IT Internal Audit outsourcing

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture aids busy IT and business executives mold data about technology into powerful management insights. Resilient and influential, the right enterprise architecture can set the business direction and help IT stay focused on one vision of the future.

Aaroh provides:

  • Custom and framework-based enterprise architecture development.

  • Enterprise architecture governance and architecture team operating models.

Due Diligence

Today, Information Technology (IT) plays a key part in business activity, controlling information & summarising financial data.

Aaroh’s IT ‘Due Diligence’ solutions, including but not limited to:

  1. Offering serenity to clients by assuring that the aimed business’s IT systems are up to the job and by allocating resources critical to continued business as usual.

  2. Perceiving opportunities to enhance business performance and cut costs through better use of IT.

  3. Aiding in preventing business disruption and mitigate risks for clients by closely executing the IT-related aspects of transactions.

  4. Demonstrating by what means IT can aid you in accomplishing your post-deal targets and the capital needed.

  5. Aiding clients thoroughly apprehend the value and impact of IT matters.

Compliance Services

Compliance frameworks are continuously being upgraded and keeping pace with the regulatory perspective can be a challenge. Compliance teams must trace regulatory changes, evaluate what the changes mean to the environments and help internal teams compensate compliance short inadequacies.

Where possible it’s important to reduce the overhead of compliance to internal staff. To do this, your compliance program must be strategically and purposefully managed to capture efficiencies within the compliance controls and automate where possible. We (Aaroh) have extensive public and private sector experience teaching compliance to various frameworks, designing compliance programs, implementing and remediating compliance controls and performing compliance gap assessments against all the largest compliance frameworks followed today.